Thursday, March 02, 2006

YouTube Video Links

Video Game Themed

  • Mortal Kombat Theme: This video is great. Two boys lip sinc to the Mortal Kombat theme song. You have to watch this!
  • Pokemon Theme Music Video: The same two kids lip sinc to the Pokemon music. It's so funny! They really seem to get into the music and sing their little hearts away while beating up a little yellow picachu throughout the video. Don't know why he licks Jesus though...
  • Super Mario Kill Bill: This is a scene taken from Kill Bill with Super Mario Sounds dubbed in. It's not great unless you love Kill Bill, which I do, and Mario Brothers, which I did.
  • Banned Xbox Ad: One of my favorites. I wonder why it was banned and where? I'm sure I haven't seen this on TV... Do they think everyone is going to run around the streets pretending to kill each other possibly causeing major traffic jams and accidents? Do they think people will start falling from buildings after being pretend-shot in the gut?

General Themed

  • OMG this is Korean Madness at it's finest. These girls are too funny.
  • The Urban Ninja is also a fun video of a guy running around town being....all Ninja-ee
  • This Robot Dance video starts off a little goofy and ends up surprisily fun. How do people move like that???

Misread Broadcasts

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