Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Utterz on GTP

well, there you have it. my first utter on gamertagpics. it would be great to find a way to affiliate gamertagpics with utterz so we can all utilize this. of course i figure it would have to be word of mouth. i don't know how this stuff works really, but if it's free to us i'm sure they'd want to charge the big companies like facebook, blogger and other sites like that as providing free advertisement while driving traffic to them so i can't imagine what the cost to a small community like this would be. still, it's easy to use and free from your cell.

well, that is if you pay your cell company extra for an unlimited data plan. OR calls from your cell are nationwide and that would work just fine too. for a quick update you know.

anyway, i did lots of gaming this weekend and although i should be studying right now (not messing around on utterz or gtp) i think i'll finish this up and jump online...

i'm curious to see if utterz would work in the UK...nice way to leave your friends a quick "voicemail". ooh, and i think you can receive notices on your cell. ...i think.

OH! have i mentioned JAXTR to you guys? i honestly can't remember. anyway, i know some of you would love to talk with your friends on the phone from the UK or visa versa (seriously, did i spell that wrong? versa???) and jaxtr would probably be a great way to do that. i better look into it some more before i go into it further.

onward HO!!!!

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