Wednesday, June 18, 2008

video game bike ... thingy.

video game bike ... thingy.
Originally uploaded by Maharet Raider

rigid is such a butthole. i was trying to do a video clip of this neat little toy that's out at toy's r us and rigid didn't care and wasn't listening to me. he pressed a stupid button and i wasn't able to show the part of the game i was trying to show. was a dork. i was a little annoying too. i hate my voice.

well, i like the idea of a bike video game. it's only for kids, but i was really surprised to see one. especially when i had been thinking of something like this for myself! i've been doing pretty well on my DDR and i've finally started to see a difference so i though, "hey, they should bring out more exercise type video games for people....namely me."

one day. :)

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