Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Immigration...am I missing something?

"badges? we don' need no stinking badges!" LOL that has nothing to do with the post, but it's a funny scene from GOTCHA!. cute flick.

are we in desperate need of a growing workforce? perhaps, though my brother in law (citizen) is having a hell of a time finding work and my husband isn't finding it any better. being an immigrant himself that is.

still, i've always looked at it from this perspective... you want cheap food? get over it. you want to pay the highest price for a regular head of iceberg lettuce you've ever seen in your life? let's keep messing with the immigrants. wanna know what an "organic" iceberg lettuce with all the roots costs? $6. yah! um...f' u. i refuse. i'd rather eat dirt. thanks.

am i afraid that all the immigrants in the whole wide world are going to take my job? um...no, maybe if i was in construction, or landscaping, but you know what i don't get? the same people that complain about immigrants coming to this country and taking our jobs are the people that are using them for back breaking work! okay, not you. no not you...but that guy over there. that's him. lol

alright, so i get a little silly sometimes. bottom line. it is a huge issue, one that could spark a huge and ugly debate, but you know what? we as a people need to start looking at the big picture, take off our blinders and get control of our emotions so we can come up with a better solution. one that could help everyone involved in the long term.

"chaching!" that's my two cents thank you! (oh, and don't tell anyone, but i suspect that putting the squeeze on the immigrant work force really drives things up. then walmart starts bitching that no one is buying downey or tide...good lord. lol!)

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