Thursday, July 10, 2008

practice ettiquette when promoting your site

@tatango: ok, so i was intrigued and you caught my attention. now, if you're really just trying to utilize this site and aren't getting the response you'd like...fine. no big.

i'll tell you this though. this community is pretty tight. people here are very down to earth, the site itself is very user friendly and VERY community oriented so the second anyone gets a whiff that someone's not interested in participating and is only interested in promoting their site they're sure to get the boot.

this is where people trying to generate traffic to their site mess up. you're a real person, just trying to generate traffic to your site and trying to make some connections, but posting adverts... that's not going to cut it and it won't last because if we wanted to be bombarded with adverts we'd be on myspace.

and by the way, this message isn't just directed at tatango. it's being directed at everyone!

i like personal posts. "hi, i'm so and so from" you do that at the beginning or the end of your message and then tell me what a funny trick your cat did this morning and i'll still be happy.

or, go into greater detail maybe read your blog post out loud and use the audio. what's wrong with that? nothing. you're actually using the site, promoting yours, generating traffic and keeping the cows happy.

SO tell us what the deal is with this:

"6. No easy way to subscribe: This is the coolest part of using SMPP messaging, people can join a group directly from their own mobile phone by texting a keyword (ie - VIP, DELTAU, BBALL) to our short code number 68398. You will not find that with SMTP messaging."~

cause that sounds kind of neat. moo mother f'ers! lol

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