Tuesday, July 01, 2008

so many blogs, so little time

i have quite a few blogs floating around here and there. some completely private and others not so much. i have one particular blog that is totally cut off from the rest of the world. this means i get to cut and paste a lot. i do it for my friends. they love me. i think.

i'm not sure what i'll do with wordpress, tumblr and live spaces, but i doubt i'd ever get rid of blogger or gamertagpics. still, consolidating all of that to one tiny little post has been rather nice. i haven't exactly utilized this site as much, but i'm doing it little by little here and there.

you think i jabber on a lot. you have no idea.

but you will...soon.

i swore i'd go to bed at 10pm too...so much for that. my eyes are going to start bleeding. BUT i finished 3 whole chapters today. granted, they were only about 3-6 pages each, but hey. it's an accomplishment of sorts. hopefully i'll be done reading this stupid book by the end of the week.

the next thing will be the quizzes. my head is swimming just thinking about it. i don't want to think anymore. i'm trying to believe that i'm doing this for something. something greater than anything i've ever done in my life, but right now... right now, i just don't fucking see it.

hey... don't you love spellcheck. lmao!

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