Saturday, August 16, 2008

Misbroadcast by Maha from Utterz

His allergies were really bad yesterday. After the mummy we had to stop at a cvs. I got loratadine. Didn't help, much even after 1.5 hrs but i didn't get the one mixed w phenylephedrine so he could sleep. He woke up a bit swollen and still stuffed up so i gave him another pill.

He lookes a mess. And the sniffling is really getting on my nerves. If the alavert doesn't work at 20mg/day i'm taking him to see a specialist.

Thing is rigid has taken one too many bumps in the head and most meds don't have the right effect on him.

Now all i have to do is convince him that he's well enough to go forage for food. Hungry.

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Misread Broadcasts

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