Monday, September 01, 2008

Democrat Suicide-Spreads Palin 5th Child Rumors

personally it all feels like a waste of time to me. granted, i've got a bit of a snicker going on inside, after all who really cast the first stone? *cough* crazy muslim email bullshit *cough*

this is the first i've heard of this and as soon as i saw the news i jumped on utterz to see what the word was.

i have to be honest, i've written several sentences and erased them because i'm just not sure where to even go with this. i'm just a little shocked. lol

i mean...what democrats? jeez... i really need to watch the news more often. it's better than a day time soap. it's also keeping me up far past my bed time and i have a HUGE day ahead of me tomorrow. i'm in for a fight at work so i have to get my beauty rest.

oh, and i don't think this is going to hurt the democrats by the way. i think everyone will take the same stance and that is that family matters are best left in the family. more than is necessary has been released to the public as far as what the daughters plans are. she's 17 years old. do you know what i was doing when i was 17? am i a horrible person? was my mother? NO. let's move on and look ahead.

of course, that's not what the general public wants to hear and we can always count on our lovely media to give us what we want to hear can't we? they're going to milk this as much as they can. whether it'll be detrimental to the democrats for dropping their jaws and pointing their fingers or the republicans for allowing "such shame" to even occur is a simple toss up. you just never know which way the public will swing, we've been known to be fickle in the past.

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