Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i burnt my lip last night

i was making pasta last night and i figured it was about ready. i dipped my big wooden spoon and got a piece out. i thought i'd drained all the water out but i hadn't. i only realized there was scolding hot water in the shell after it had landed on my foot. i put ice on my lip because i figured i must of done some damage because it was boiling water.

my wife told me to put mustard on it. it worked on the blister but i still don't feel any pain. i'm not normal like that, i don't usualy feel pain. i picked up a pan from the oven once with a tee-towel and it slipped so i had a seering hot royal prestige handle on my hand. it took about ten seconds for me to realize i could smell something burning and it was me lol.

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