Friday, September 12, 2008

more features!: REPLIES, EMAIL & CHAT


i don't like the idea of being made to mark anything as READ, like in some rss readers, but i can't

remember what topic i've read or if there are replies i haven't seen in a hot topic.

we really need a system to simplify that process for users. conversations are lost very quickly. because the service is so new to some of us we're using it almost the entire day! that's really cool, but it will drop off eventually for some people.

it could be great to be able to step away for a couple of days and know where you might have left off without worrying that you might have missed a reply or the end of a great discussion.

when there are new replies in your inbox you haven't seen your reply link should go red (or maybe light grey like all the other "inactive" links - on your inbox and/or recent feed. not sure how people would feel about that.)


you know what i'm thinking? this site could have the ability to remove the need for email - at least in regards to my close friends.

maybe when this place becomes a multimedia GIANT we can discuss setting up a way to send emails to friends and allowing friends to email your inbox. i have friends that aren't very active on the internet, BUT could be enticed to participate that way.

of course outside emails would be automatically private and would not stream to the utterz feed. messages to the recipient would automatically allow the person to link directly to utterz should they choose to.

can you imagine just emailing a friend who's never heard about utterz with an instant little clip or audio message straight to their email AND not only that but allow them to reply direct from their email address?

is it just me or would that be really cool?


this place needs a little chat box too. just a little shoutbox that will show which or your friends are online to have an instant conversation with.

PLUS the ability to save your conversation for fun and easy q&a sessions with special friends that you can CROSSPOST to your blog.

call me me anything you want, but i think that would be really fun.

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