Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama is a Person

LOL...i don't know what MSM is. i feel a little retared. :P

dude, i totally understand how you feel. my xbox live friends have been through this with me before and i didn't have any problem telling them what i thought. they literally ganged up on me and started calling me an obama ...shit. i can't remember what the word was. not an obama supporter, but like...some cult follower and i didn't even mention that i supported obama!

in fact i don't support HIM nor do i bow down to anyone's altar. lol

my problem is (and i've had this very same argument with my husband because he was repeating this crap too) when someone does nothing but repeat what they hear down the wire. by that i mean plain and simple gossip.

there was this insane email that was going around on the internet. it wasn't until i finally received it at work that i realized the garbage that my very husband and all his buddies on xlive were spewing. they were repeating the shit on the email almost VERBATIM! it was infuriating and i came down on rigid really hard about it.

i don't care who obama is really. don't care if he's muslim or not, but it did inspire me to become a little more informed. i've NEVER appreciated the way these elections use rumor and gossip to gain leverage. it's irritating and it makes me feel like those uppity fucks (all of them) think i'm a moron and try to mislead me in EVERY election for every little thing.

plus you don't know how long i spent fighting with my husband about this very same issue. it PISSES me off to no end to hear him use the word muslim and terrorist in the same sentence. the last thing i need is for him to start back up again...i just got him to become active on this site! LOL i'd have to kick his ass out if he started to annoy me here too. :P

k, if i don't start killing these retards on call of duty they're going to start complaining soon. sorry i said it was garbage in the first place. i'm a little testy since this whole obmama/muslim crap broke up a giant group we had going. LOL we're freakin' nerds.

(oh year, internet censorship is on it's way. i posted something to that effect yesterday and the day before. i suspect at&t. lol)

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