Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin Sound as Good as She Looked at RNC?

it made me wonder who wrote her speech actually. she certainly read it well. in fact sometimes i almost felt like i was being read to from a children's story book. i needed a bit of a nap.

this is the very reason why i hate listening to this back and forth garbage between nominees and parties. those idiotic jabs at one another drive me nuts! it's a waste of my time. i only want to hear about what you're going to do for me because THAT my friends is what i'm paying you for.

i can't even begin to tell you how sick to death i am of being forced to listen to what the other guy is or isn't doing. how the other party is going to screw up our lives and what a horrible choice it would be to vote for them.

i want answers. i want action. i want results.

promises are nothing more than whispers in the wind. they fade away with time and time runs out too fast. these speeches are little more than whispers and that's just not good enough for me.

i almost don't want to read obama's speech.

"Matthew Scully (born March 30, 1959, in Casper, Wyoming) is an American author, journalist, and speechwriter. He worked as a speechwriter in the 2000 presidential campaign, and served as a special assistant and senior speechwriter for President George W. Bush from January 2001 to August 2004. He has also written for vice-presidents Dan Quayle and Dick Cheney, the late Governor Robert P. Casey of Pennsylvania, and vice presidential nominee Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska." Who wrote Palin's speech?

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