Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Security Contracting

by the way this is rigidraider not maharet( i didn't realize she was signed in at home on the pc)

i know this is a hot topic at the moment with hostilities still raging on in Afghanistan and Iraq. i want your views on the subject,good idea/bad idea to use security contractors in wars. i'm kind of biast on the subject because hopefully next year i'll be part of a mobile protective security detail out in one of the worlds hot spots.

from what i understand security contractors were utilised in vietnam. to what en i do not know as of yet, i'll have to poke around a little.

now using contractors to do laundry and things the military can do is wrong in my opinion, but for essential protection needs then security contractors all the way. now before you get me confused , i don't mean some weapon toting moron to be a contractor. i want them to be highly trained professionals such as myself to be given these type of assignments.

the thing is there have been untrained individuals who have slipped through the cracks unseen and have caused alot of problems. by the same note there have also been professionals who have caused similar problems.

i suppose your gonna have problems no matter what, but at least with professionals there is a smaller risk of things going pear shapped(meaning completelty tits up).give me your thoughts and feelings on the subject and we'll get a good debate going

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