Monday, September 22, 2008

a strange thought about obama

I'm finishing of my Monday cleaning and had an epiphany. people are running around screaming conspiracies that he's a Muslim, or people are defending him saying he's a christian.

there is a conspiracy going on, but it's not what anybody thinks. when it's revealed the world will be shocked that he pulled it off.

now Obama is raising a lot of money and people are speculating where it comes from, some say it's the nation of Islam helping him. others say it's the good wholesome Christians helping him, but i think i know who it is, it's neither.

he's a SCIENTOLOGIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(told you it would be shocking)

that's why he has all the celebrities wrapped around his fingers(i heard tom cruise has secret meetings with him). now imagine if he does beat McClain, a giant spaceship is gonna land and take us all away(see conspiracy at work here, I'm not paranoid). it all fits together a little too well don't you think.

don't be shy, put your two pesos in.

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