Friday, September 19, 2008

Utterers Interested in Microsofts "I'm a pc" ads

Hi guys! I know a few of you are really good at creating fun video clips.


"Tell us what kind of PC you are and you can hit the big screen in Times Square, appear in online advertising, and join the PC Gallery on this site."

Are you a PC?

All I'm saying is it's free advertising if someone from Utters breaks out with a fun video and says something like this, "I'm a PC and an Utter-er on MOOOO." What? Lose the moooo? lol

Did you read that right? The video's will appear in Times Square.... Guys, is anyone listening? I'm sure they wouldn't allow anyone to actually advertise outright, but "I'm a PC and I utter" or something cool.

I'm just sayin'. We could do a little contest on Utterli itself too. Everyone creates their clips, posts them to the site and if you get picked up we'll give you a huge pat on the back. lol I don't know...sounds cool to me. :P

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