Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Side of the Shit-Hit Fan are You On?

@brettbum, glad to hear it. honestly, i can't even believe you got that far. i would have skimmed it. LOL

i think i've been watching too much cnn.live. all the hoopla about the adr preferreds and mortgage backed securities has my head spinning. at work the shit hit the fan when the adr's ran dry...the gas problems where just icing on the cake.

i didn't even know we (we as a tiny group) were exposed to that side of the market. a friend had recommended the security to a family member who thought they were investing wisely and safely. when they were ready to make their first home purchase they weren't able to withdraw.

my poor friend...to have to explain that to someone. it's all fixed now (for them that is), but it was gut wrenching to watch.

ah well, i think in light of all these problems it's time we all prepare for the worst. i'm sure it won't come to that, but i'm preparing for the end of civilization as we know it. my mommy always told me cans goods were the way to go....and spam....lots and lots of spam.


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