Monday, September 22, 2008

wow, gtp is not rss friendly

for some reason i'm having problems adding my blogger rss fee to gtp so i added my utterli rss feed instead. seems to work just fine, but now you can't see my blog. you can see the rss section of the blog under the "tabs"section on my profile there, but not my blog blog...

and now i'm up past my bedtime for no good reason. my cat is begging me to pet her, but i want to toss her down a flight of stairs. what? is that wrong?

okay, i was joking. she's waiting patiently for me to send her off to bed. i can't believe it...rigid is in bed before me. damn, that means i'll have to close everything up. what an a-hole. the fucking nerve.

well, i doubt i'll keep it on the rss feed it gamertagpics is going to behave that way with my feed. it looks ugly and doesn't update. i've always hated that about that site. that and as i'm sure i've said before, i don't like being forced to do something i'm not in the mood to do. i have to jump on the blog editor if i want any new posts to be published on my feed on gtp. kind of defeats the purpose of elimiating the amount of pages i have to view daily.

that's my problem though, i can never stick to just one thing for very long. semi-short attention span.

screw this noise. i'm going to bed.

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