Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the yakkerz group is now accepting applications!

Fellow Yakkerz, I welcome thee!!! lol

The group feature on utterz is pretty darn cool. Create a list of your best utterz pals or let your pals join on their own. You can make it private, semi-private (I think) or go totally Yakkerz.

Yakkerz'z love to yak..yap...moo...whatever we don't ever seem to shut up and that's okay! Want to leave a huge and overbloated SUPER LONG rant. Go for it. We like long messages, short messages and everything in between. :P So feel free to Yak with us.

Bovine's young and old! Okay, not too young because we curse. In fact I encourage it. Be youselves motherhefferz!

One last note in case you're not sure what to do. When you create a post you can also send to your special group by clicking the groups link. Since Yakkerz is public it will still go to the public feed. I figured that out today. If you don't want it to be public you should be able to just click private right? (I'm not sure, haven't tested it. lol)

Time to graze or Rigid is going to sit on me!

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