Wednesday, September 10, 2008

your videos may be easier to find than you think

hmmm... i'm not sure how i feel about this. i was posting a shreddies clip via email to the fan club, but it didn't send. for some strange reason i decided to search my youtube id. just curious i guess.

i didn't expect to find ALL my videos. i mostly use youtube for my goofy clips storage. i have a couple that are public here and there, but not every single one. because utterz is so nice and easy to post to i go a little nuts. now i've realized that TONS of posts are public. thing is youtube doesn't exactly make it easy to make several posts private. i have to sit there and click on each one.

that's not cool. not cool at all.

this is why i like flickr so much. just one little button and everything is private no matter where you upload. i can't find that magic button on youtube.

if anyone knows where i might find it PLEASE let me know.

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