Monday, October 06, 2008

maharet uttering from the desktop app

loaded up easy enough. checking out recent utterz, group utterz i missed... my little YAKKERZ logo is there. neato.

now, why can't i make this window bigger. i'm going freakin blind. can't drag the corners, can't maximize for some reason. checked every single link including the help link and i can't find anything to big size my desktop app. big in super size? ???maximize???? phew...thought i lost ya there.

k, so, contacts..."comma sep" oh dear, this means i have to remember my contacts names or that i'll have to physically be on utterli in order to grab my friends id's. that won't do. :(

makes me feel like i should be using a mac. :( argh.

i DEMAND a blog widget exactly like the one we have already only COOLER and with a pop out function. lol

OOH and that tells you if your friends are online...

OOOH OOOH! and that you can chat instantly on.

DAMN IT! i keep trying to drag the corner and it doesn't work. *SOB*

okay okay, this is a cool app. could be WONDERFUL with a little more work, but guys it's pretty darn awesome. can't wait to see some upgrades to it. :)

course, i won't be able to use it until i can actually maximise this window. i'm getting a headache. i'm sure it's my stupid computer. :(

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