Tuesday, October 14, 2008

san fernando fires

well peeps the fires are still raging in the san fernando valley north of los angeles.

the local news is constantly giving live updates because this could turn into a catastrophe at any moment.

the thing that they are realy worried about is if the gusts of wind blow embers west towards malibu. forget all the working class between where the fire is now, if mel gibsons house goes up in flames the worlds going to end.

personaly fuck all the rich people who can afford to rebuild after a fire it's all the other fuckers i feel sorry for

it's so bad that fires have started in riverside,san bernadino,orange and san diego counties because of the santa ana winds.

camp pendleton has evacuated homes on the base because fires are raging close to the base.

lets hope that not too many structures are damaged in all these fires. a homeless man and his dog living under a freeway have been overcome with flames and a car fleeing the fires crashed and was a fatality for the driver. we need to keep fatalities to a minimum during times like these.

if you live close to the fires clear as much brush as you can so your home will be safe.

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