Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tony_Dovolani's Utter

I never watch the show (Dancing With The Stars). I’ve caught a few snippets here and there and it’s always fun to keep an eye out on the news, but I’d rather play a video game. Still, the other night I tuned in to Cloris and Susan awaiting elimination. I held my breath because I was SURE Cloris would finally be voted off and I couldn’t believe it was Susan she was up against. I was utterly astonished, but would have been even more astonished if Susan were to be voted off.

Cloris is one hysterical woman and she looked wonderful. For some strange reason I’ve not seen anyone dance this year, but I just don’t have the time to tune in. I’m hoping I’ll have the chance to watch a full show one of these weeks, but I know the finals are coming up soon and it would be nice to at least catch the finale.

Good luck to you Tony and good luck to Susan Lucci!

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