Wednesday, November 05, 2008

what's the deal with the dow?

you know, after last nights election i expected to have a very interesting day at work. for some stupid reason i expected quite a lot of activity at wall street.

not quite the activity i was expecting though. is it just me or does this mean something? am i seeing something that isn't there? the reason i'm being vague is because i simply don't want to give voice to that nagging and persistent little throbbing impulse in my brain that tells me...there's something i didn't want to know about my country, my nation and my people.

i'm sure that gut reaction is wrong. i've not seen the news today, i've not slept a wink for about 30 hrs and i've been so darn busy all morning that i only just had time to throw on my reuters to check the market.

this blows....i didn't even check this utter. I'M LEAVING!!!

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