Tuesday, November 25, 2008

you know what realy steams my clams?

i should of wrote this utter saturday night when i was waiting on hold with dish network for 35 min's.

now the first thing was that i was watching legend of the seeker on ktla (chanel 5 in Los Angeles) at pm. the picture quality was fucking terrible and was ruining my enjoyment of the show. i counted 147 error and acquiring the signal messages during the 9pm episode, even the news was having the same issue on chanel 5.

i in my infinite wisdom decided not to call up dish thinking it was going to be sorted out before the midnight episode.

well how wrong was i, i done fucked up good this time.

i counted 187 of the same messages during the midnight episode, 15 mins into the show i called up dish and was told there would be less than a 1 min wait.

boy was i surprised and very steamed when 35 mins later a very nice rep called lequan answered the phone. if he hadn't i would of stayed up all night till some fucker answered. maha said no one was gonna answer because they'd gone home for the night.

i told the rep what my problem was and he said the tech were working on the transponder that was causing all the mayhem.

but answer me this people why was only one chanel having problems when the transponder that we have streams all our chanels?

that's what really steams my clams this week!

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