Thursday, February 26, 2009

It Just Doesn't Need To Be That HARD!

some people makes their lives way too complicated. i tend to do that myself. of course, i'm only human after all. when someone decides to make my life complicated FOR me well...let's just say i wouldn't be a happy camper.

now, when i tell you that i made a mistake on a form and the mistake is only off by one character, would it actually ever occur to you to ask me for proof before the request is forwarded to NY?
okay. NO.
this will make no sense to anyone stumbling on this, but to tell you the truth...i just don't care dude. we're supposed to go through certain channels to get things done (meaning certain people). our requests are then forwarded to NY for processing. simple. easy peasy.
it's complicated. it's hard. it's difficult.

and then i get lied to. I GET LIED work. LIED. you don't lie to me. you actually think i wouldn't know? i'm the queen! THE QUEEN of COVER YOUR ASS OPS. your jedi mind tricks will NOT work on me!


The door to your right leads to the Source and the salvation of Zion, which is why i just go directly to the source. such is my way. such will forever be my way.

oh dear.... dear dear dear....

does high blood pressure cause such emotional outbursts? i went to the dr. yesterday and they said i'm 159/98. i've been noticing an extraordinary lack of patience and a desire to hole myself up in my apartment and never come out....much like a rat doing their best to a avoid a yummy cheesy trap.

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