Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Utterli or Twitter?

Choose between utterli or twitter? Forget that.

I wish Utterli used the type of interface that Twhirl uses. Or some variant of it. Just think if you could catch your inbox messages or replies like you would a chat message on your desktop? Nice little pop up that you could instantly reply to without having to jump off the site you're on.

That would be so nice. Plus if the idea is that the more people use the site or the service for all of their social networking sites and Utterli gets paid. This way we, the normal everyday user, would get to enjoy the service without ever having to pay.


What I'm imagining is this killer app that let's you do absolutely everything under the sun a typical blogger like myself would do on a regular basis for all their sites without ever having to stop what they're doing to check messages here there and everywhere throughout the day.

The ability to have different utterli accounts for different sites would also be fantastic!

I would use different accounts to communicate with family, friends, co-workers and everyone else in between. Yeah, I'm that silly, but feel that sometimes it's really necessary.

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