Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OnLive Deliver Us From Teh Gamer Hell Called Lag

OnLive has recently come out of the woodwork and may be changing the face of gaming for ever! I'm still not sure about this company and I really haven't read much about it other than the small bit of news this morning. I've been so busy all day that I haven't had the chance to address this, but I think it may be a really awesome system. (Too busy to post thus far, but I did read a little more later in the day so read on for more info.)

Who doesn't want to play online without an intense amount of lag? Who doesn't want to play multiplayer games as if they were on a single player game? I long for the days when I can kill my friends with glee AND with the knowledge that it was nothing but skill that got me through at the end of the day. I get nothing out of winning a game or challenge with lag on my side. It's bull and everyone knows it.

Winning isn't winning if the reason your winning is because the gamers on the other team are trying to kill your shadow.

OnLive may actually put an end to all of that because you won't depend on your own internet connection to provide a lag free game. Gameplay would be on OneLive servers and video games will be available for download through OneLive as well. Looks like the days of the CD are numbered.

It all started with Itunes, then Netflix and now...OnLive.

I just joined the Beta sign up and I really hope I get in. They're signing Beta testers up now for this Summer. I really want to find out first hand what it's about and how much a system will cost.

I almost forgot the best part. You'll be able to connect to these online games though your TV (via the MicroConsole) & PC or Mac (via a small browser plug in) which they report to be at "lightning fast speed". Ask me how badly I'd love to put that to the test? ASK ME.... It's bad...Bad I tell you. BAD!

Here are a few key points that I found on their FAQ:

Downloads are instant

Connection is super easy

Launching in the US around Winter

Cost? Dunno yet

PC/Mac requirements are low and must be running XP, Vista or current OS-X.

Game patches and updates are automatic

No waiting for new releases

Demos & rentals available

Showing at the 2009 Game Developers Conference

Multiplayer ok

Now, I've been a dedicated Xbox gamer for the last 5-6 years, maybe longer in fact. I met my husband on the black box, married him and bought the white box (360). Because it quickly became evident that sharing would be a problem we bought another one. Even though the expense is outrageous I'm still very attached to my box. It's emotional. Seriously. It is.

Here's the deal though. As attached as I am to my Xbox I would readily hurl the fucker straight out of the window and have my 5 cats take turns pissing on Rigid’s box if it meant that I wouldn't have to deal with one more solitary moment of lag induced coma. I'm not an emo gamer girl, but nothing pisses me off more than lag. NOTHING.

If OnLive came out with a lag free service AND allowed me to connect to games online with my husband without having to pay STUPID prices for double the games that would be even cooler. Of course, I seriously doubt it would ever occur to anyone to allow house holding of gamer accounts. If they did and they're service wasn't quite as amazing as they say it will be I would still join up. I need to save money and sharing just doesn't seem like such a bad idea anymore.

Not when I'm having to pay $120 for a game like Call of Duty: World at War only to have that be the only new release that I can afford for the next year and a half.

It’s just killing me!!! I can only prestige so many freakin’ times! I’ve prestiged 5 times already! FIVE!!!!

Please Gods, let OnLive give me lag free service for my Television, PC and Mac (I’m gonna get one, I swear) for super duper cheap. And please Gods, let them find it in their collectively money hungry hearts to let my husband and I both play on the same games for a nominal additional fee, but on separate TV’s (Preferably at no extra charge actually, though I’m sure a secondary MicroConsole purchase would be required.) so we don’t choke each other to death. If this happens we can buy more games to play throughout the year rather than the same stupid game month after month with no relief in site other than the map pack downloads that are so severely honked up each and every time because Microsoft can’t seem to get their shit together with the servers and the system that clearly wasn’t ready for release can’t take the load!

Man, if there was ever a time to stop blabbing it’s now. Seriously.

This is depressing…I’m going home to kick of my shoes, take an exam, review my notes, finish a Sudoku puzzle and play COD before Lost comes on.

Damn it…I have no fucking life.

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