Thursday, April 16, 2009

@Pauly, Don't Lie To Yourself

believe it or're social, that and the apps of sites like facebook and myspace have nothing to do with being social. still, i know exactly what you mean. social networking...phfff. everything we do has to have a name doesn't it? but you can't really break "social networking" down into groups like facebookers, myspacers... or any other site like that.

there's "social networking" everywhere on the internet. it's just how you go about doing it. some people...well, they don't exactly have the greatest social skills do they? that and they might not really know how to type well. they might not have anything great to say or know how to go about making friends online.

rather than use their brains they spend an enourmous amount of time sending people stupid and pointless requests to add applications that even they don't use. it's why i don't really use facebook anymore. i spent so much time deleting dumb requests and then feeling guilty about it that i just f'd off. same with myspace.

don't hate the snobby socialnets (like socialites only... nettier) with their stupid mafia wars, soroity house or bullshit bathroom whisper caca apps! they don't know what they're doing and to be honest, the rest of us don't really care do we?

great subject pauly!

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