Friday, May 01, 2009

Someone Is Hearing My Thoughts

ZOMFG! I've been tracking a few sites here and there. Okay, so not exactly here and there, but I found a site called yongfook and i loved the style of his page so i checked out sweetcron. killer stuff, but i wasn't able to download the app and i have no idea if or how i would be able to use it. basically it would allow you to track comments and activity on all your fav social networks from one comfy place. (but what of the replies?)

now, it's true, you can grab your feeds from any site and throw them into a widget. i've done that for some of the feeds on my blogs and thrown them on my fav blog...but it looks messy and they clearly don't belong there. plus, as much as i LOVE to promote other websites and their shit for FREEEEEE i can't stand anything flashy or promotional on a widget. add links back to your widget site! no one is stopping you, but PLEASE remove your shitty looking site promoting tab thingie from the widget so it doesn't look like crap!

which reminds me. i really have to redo my blogs. they're horrible. i'm finding everything in my life is a bit of a mess right now and i'm doing everything i can to fix it so i can get back on track. of course, i can only handle one urine stain at a time so...huh? oh yeah, i'm having a cat pee problem. it's bad. real bad.

BUT, the issue was cool sites i've been searching. i checked out sweetcrown again, but since i have to download i probably won't bother. hate downloading to my pc and i can't do anything from work so there you go. sweetcron will probably not get another look from me, but after a tiny seach i found ubervu.

the tagline on the site: 'influence people through conversations'

very interesting. they'll be in a public beta soon but you can leave your email address and you might get in faster. basically you'll be able to track all of your conversations from one tiny little place.

'oh but there are already sites like mybloglog and...', peh! phooey i say! i want to view all my convo's from one place and i want to reply to them from one place too! what's fucking hard about that? make it happen developers! i asked for it, i pleaded for it, i fucking begged and begged and begged. well, i clearly wasn't the only other retard out there dying for an application like this because it has arrived. or will arrive. soon.

see, here's the thing. sure you could make all comments on all sites go to your email account. you might even be able to reply directly from there, but conversations might not be easy to track and some websites might be so fucking hard up for your attention that they won't allow you to reply from your email address. they'll inconvinience your stupid ass with a link back TO the discussion where you can be further inconvinienced with flashy adverts and 'click me! click me!' signs. idiots.

i'm sick of it. i'm sick of wasting my time and i'm sick of waiting for anything new to pop up. haven't you heard i've got a short attention span? i need new, i need innovative and i need to move on. move on from what or where... no clue.

i just need to do it!

i wasn't going to do it because it feels pointless, but here are the links to the sites mentioned on this post. shouldn't even bother i tell you: (ooh, he changed it. like, JUST changed it. interesting.)

meh, there might be others, but now i'm not in the mood. one last thing. pumpotheclown is selling human bones. jesus.

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