Thursday, July 16, 2009

PHEW Sharing A Console Can Be Tough

I had a bit of a fit on Sunday and I'm still paying the price for it. How much sense would it make to you if I told you that because my husband is really bad at sharing I stayed up until 3am playing video games to prove a point?

What could that point possibly be you ask? He gamed the better part of Sunday morning and half the afternoon, of course...he seemed to have forgotten. It might take a few tries to get a good long spree going on the Zombie Maps on COD:WAW depending on your team. Completely's called warming up.

It's difficult for Rigid to sit idly by and watch us die one by one before level 10 when he knows full well we can easily get to level 30+. We've done it before, glitch or no glitch, and we'll do it again...and again...and again because we're dorks like that.

Before we even had the chance to warm up (about 3 tries or so), not to mention the connectivity issues that are plaguing us, he decided it was his turn. Forgetting of course that he really should be concentrating on getting his resume and other documents prepared for the job he's trying to land. Nice.

Unfortunately I decided I'd be nice and allow him his turn because I hogged the console the previous night before. Fine....Except, my team had plenty of time to warm up with me and were ready for a nice long spree. This left me fuming in my seat by level level 15 I knew I was screwed because they had a nice fat glitch going and my boys are pretty damned good once they get going. I left the room and sat staring at the computer screen angry though I wasn't sure why.

An hour later, I was pretty fucking pissed. Two hours later I was FUCKING ready to kill, but instead I started to cry like a little bitch. It's what I do when I want to yank someone's head off. It relieves the tension and ensures that objects will NOT suddenly come off the wall and veer straight towards Rigid's cute little knobby head. It may not make any sense now, but I work. He doesn't. It's an issue all on it's own, but the crux of the matter is quite simple. I also study. I study a lot. Monday through Friday I come home, sit at my desk and work my ass off. I eat, drink, go to the bathroom, maybe watch an hour show, but I rarely get the chance to sit down and game because when I game I can game for HOURS. It's what we do to relax. Let me tell you something, I NEED to relax.

At the moment we're one console short. When I downloaded the new map pack I received what I lovingly call The Rainbow Xbox Of Death. I have no idea why, but after the download my screen began to change colors and it wasn't my television. Eventually it simply died. I don't have the money to fix it and I'm not going to have the money until he gets a job. HELLO? Not going to happen any time soon, SO this means I get to once again share my console with the hubby. You know, the dude that moved to Los Angeles from England after befriending me on Xbox Live? Yeah, that one. Had I known that sharing my Xbox with this insensitive piggy was going to be this awful I never...I SAY NEVER, would have imported his ass, but I did. Yay me.

Approximately three hours had gone by in total and after having blubbered myself into swollen eyed oblivion for about half of that time (By the way, 'bout an 1hr into it he did try to get me to take over, but I refused. Not my game, not my score.)I decided to go into the living room and let him have it. Again, he tried to offer me the controller, but instead I viciously called him names. I tore him a new one though what the hell I was tearing I will never know because...well...I never really made a point. He tried to give me the controller on several different occasions. He never even had a clue that I was so upset I was crying. I didn't care, I killed him with my words. I'm pretty sure he died a little. I can do that you know.

They all died before they beat their last score and I was pretty much left with no one to play with. No one except for McQueen. It was 9pm and I finally made my point. Knowing that I work and study all week long like a moron and Rigid gets to sit on his cute, and might I add, plump little ass (It really is rather squeezable. *sigh*) you would think he'd understand if I decide to spend one weekend of uninterrupted gaming bliss. My commodities exam is looming around the corner. Two weeks in fact. I just wanted ONE weekend to fuck off and relax before the following week started because my boss is on vacation and on MWF I'll have to attend my commodities class review (virtual class) while at work. Did I mention my boss is on vacation? ON VACATION!!! DURING MY HELLISH COMMODITIES CLASS WEEK!!!! AND I HAVE TO BE THERE!!!! I HAVE TO!!!!!

Motherf'n bastard of all bastards on earth! He could have let me game until about 9pm. I would have had a great session ending my weekend on a lovley zombie killing spree. I could have gone to bed with the sound of zombie heads popping and limbs flying around smacking the ground with gross wet sucking sounds. I would have slept like a baby, BUT NOOOO, I had to make a point. I had to get my game time. I had to stay up and not let him take over because I HAD TO BEAT MY FUCKING SCORE, and like hell if I'm going to let him take the GOD DAMNED CREDIT! *breath* I'm okay...I'm better now.

We made it to level 39 and died a miserably glitchy death and after we so carefully orchestrated our next move too! McQueen and I were irritated, but mostly because it was 3 in the morning and I had to wake up in less than 3 hours. Rigid felt really bad and TOTALLY understood what I ment. He could have been the one beating his score at level 39. It's not like he has a job to go to afterall! But NOOOO he was selfish, he was a creep and a jerk and I hated him for turning me into a crazy person. The dick.

The next day I stum...well, it was the same day wasn't it? K, I'll go again. Less than 3hrs later I stumbled out of bed, stumbled into my clothes, fumbled into my car, bobbed and weaved to work and kind of fell into my desk. Late by the way. When it was time to attend the class I was still groggy, but amped on caffeine. My eyes were slits and In my mind I cursed the day Rigid Raider was born.

It's Wednesday now and it suddenly hit me. Holy Gamer Girl PMS BULLSHIT! I think I may be ever so slightly retarded.

The lesson for the day?

Knowing not to fuck with a hormonal female is a good skill to have. Knowing not to fuck with a hormonal female GAMER on the other hand could save your God damn privates...I mean life!


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