Sunday, August 29, 2010

Making A Fool Of Your Self Is Easy On Blogger

here surely must be an easier way to move these stupid pictures around. It's why I sometimes hate blogger. It's such a pain in the ass to use. Still, it's faster than other blogs and safer to use than other blogs. I love the autosave and all those other features. Plus it's fully customizable and I'm totally used to it. Too used to it in fact.

What the hell, oh...nevermind. My curser went all wonky on me. Okay, so I've been on my laptop all freakin' day. I haven't actually gone out to do anything. I haven't cleaned or done any laundry. I haven't even taken a shower. Which by the way, I really need to at this point. When I'm done with this I'll get my day started. It's 6:40 pm. Yeah, getting my day started includes making dinner. Though I'll really have to wash the dishes at some point. Certainly not looking forward to that, but hey...I have to eat and I don't have any more dishes left to eat on so, there you have it.

Now, this business about the blog. Right, so I'm messing around with all the new little gadgets I have on my laptop. Downloaded my gChrome, Picasa and Flickr Uploader, PLUS added a picasatoflickr button on my Picasa. These are all the very best free services on the internet and I love them to death. Couldn't live without them in fact.

Now, the last thing I want to do before I end my day is to find a way to connect my Picnik account to Picasa. How wonderful would that be? I just payed for a subscription to Picnik and it's been SO worth it. I love Picasa because I can do a lot to play with my pictures and fix them up, but those Picnik tools are so useful. It would be cheaper if I bought a program instead, but for now I'll just live with Picnik since I'm not planning on becoming a professional photo manipulator.

So, Now that I have all that out of the way I can concentrate on my next little adventure. This video. I took in directly on Picasa. Didn't know that I could do that and this little laptop of mine has it's own lovely camera. WONDERFUL. The mad fun I could have on it. Can you believe this is my first laptop? I can't. I'm a moron for not getting one sooner. It's fucking addictive!

No I took that quick little clip and then played it back. I laughed my ass off that I could be that silly. I could be that silly and worse but we'll just leave that for another day thank you. Those little snapshots were the funniest things to come out of that video. So fucking hysterical. I know I'm putting this on my blog and all, but I hope no one sees this. Well, I know no one will see it. There aren't many people that know my secret agent name. In fact, I might just get rid of it and keep it soley as my gaming persona. Just because you know, I'm getting tired of the fans I already have. Fucking lurkers. You never know what those lurkey bastards will come up with next.

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