Tuesday, June 03, 2008

kit clip #...what number are we on now?

Kitty Shut-in's 030, originally uploaded by Maharet Raider.
grendel has a bad habit of attacking my feet as i get dressed for work. i couldn't think why until i saw this video. not that i ever encouraged it all that much. i think it's just in them naturally. i try really hard not to encourage him to attack our feet in bed because that's a really hard habit to break them from, but he still does it.

it's going to be horrible when he gets bigger. i mean he's already chewed up a big chunk of my mattress. it's not really his fault because he's so little and he's mostly just trying to climb, but at the same time i've caught him playing as he's doing it so... eesh.

Misread Broadcasts

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