Monday, June 02, 2008

videogamers voices

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my ears have been bugging me really badly lately and i can't wear a headset for too long anymore. in fact, it's gotten to the point where it's really freakin painful and i'm not sure what to do anymore.

what i've had to do for the last few weeks is listen to my friends through the speakers on the tv instead of the headset. i can still use my mike, but the headset is sitting around my neck. to do this i have to reduce the game volume.

it seems that everyone's default in-game voice setting is max at 10. i've had to physically reduce rigid's in-game voice and mine, just in case. rigid is one of the loudes people out there and i'm not the only one who had complained about that either. a lot of his friends tell me the same thing. he's not the only one in our little group that gets too loud either.

the worst thing about all of that isnt' the fact that my xbox live friends are busting my eardrums until they bleed. no. it's the people i have to strain to hear that are killing me. norsegroove and a few others are on that little list of mine. if only i could hear norse's voice too. he's got one of those beautiful smooth jazz voices... makes me feel like he should be playing some funky jazz instrument. like...what's that thing? not a tuba...LOL not a flute...i'm trying to think of it but i can't. it's getting late and i should already be in bed.

that freakin' cool jazz instruments that you see all the cool dudes playing. frick! i can't think of it. my brain is fried.

anyway, his is the voice i most want to listen to when i hear it. it's soothing. makes me want to take a nap. not because he's boring, he's not by the way, but because it's so fucking peaceful! just makes you feel like a big i hear his voice and all of a sudden i'm in a diaper sucking my thumb and holding on to my nappy.

voices do things to people. strange things. they can irritate you, make you happy, sad or take you back to a happier time. rigid's voice does many things to me, even when we were just xlive pals. his voice could take me from 0 to 60 in seconds and that ranged from anger to intense...desire.

the things that videogamers voices do to us huh? go fig.

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