Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Question: how can US prez elections be changed?

eliminate soft money donations altogether and limit hard money to the extreme. no personal funding either. in fact, no money at all!

okay, so maybe no money is a little silly, but seriously something needs to be done. and why do the candidates have to pay so much money for airtime?

hand the candidate a coke, give him a chocolate bar and a bag of chips and you've got your advertising during debates. right? we're watching so the media is getting paid too.

even funding for both (no ALL) candidates so elections are fair and truly clean. no advertising bashing one another. hard facts and hard facts only. give them a google account and let them post literature there. no fancy websites. give them a free blogger blog and that's it.

come on, even hilary uses flickr! lol

point is show me how YOU as a candidate will make every free resource available to you to get your points across rather than stand around a group of hysterical people bashing your opponent repeating tid bits of information (the he said, she said game) and tearing him apart.

don't waste my time telling me what he said. i want to know what you're going to do and i don't need examples of what the other candidate is or isn't doing or what you will or will not do that he/she is doing (that doesn't make sense does it.lol). i don't care and i don't have the time to listen to it.

thing is that our country seems to stupidly thrive off of this system. it's like we're a bunch of sadists. we let our economy take nose dives before each major election and no one really says anything about it. all you hear is, "oh, don't worry. as soon as the new president is in place things should even out. happens every election." yeah...ever wonder why?

and can you imagine what could be done with all that money? all that privately donated money? it's sickening. seriously. it's a waste of time and it's sickening. i guess i'm just tired. i can't stand to listen to every word coming out of any of the candidates because it's infuriating. i know when someone is trying to sell me garbage...it's my choice if i decide to buy it. when i'm not given that choice i get a little angry.

we don't have that choice people.

we just don't.

so...what is anyone going to do about it?

if president lincoln nearly went completely broke funding his own campaign and we're still doing things that way think it's actually going to change? nope, the only thing that's going to happen is people will become even sneakier than they already are.

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