Thursday, September 25, 2008

remind me what the groups feature is for again?

i just realized something. the groups feature is almost completely pointless.

just seems like an archiving tool. there's no functionality to it.

or am i missing something? when i send a message to my group do they receive an inbox utter notifying them of a new group message? i just checked with rigid and he said no. i thought that's how it worked, but i think i was wrong.

so, unless you go to YOUR GROUP, find your group and look inside your group you won't know if you've received anything at all...

SO, and you do realize i'm a brilliant genius with absolutely no computer skills whatsoever don't you, i propose that in addition to ALL, RECENT INBOX & SENT that a GROUPS feed be added to the HOME tab.

of course, the dilema would be in filtering out duplicate messages sent to several groups at once. that's what i call craziness and i feel for you guys. i do, but i believe in you and i know you can do it (i bet one of you is working on this now in fact.)

NOW, under the GROUPS tab include the group avatar(s) (or just filter all utterers utters that sent to a group.)

OR give utterers the choice to make just ONE stream their main groups stream.

yeah that last idea sucked, but filtering utters that include the "groups" function would be awesome.

(sorry, it all comes out like diamaria in my brain. gotta run!)

thanks for listening as always guys!

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