Thursday, September 25, 2008

sen. kay bailey hutchinson

gotta love this woman. she just brought up the 2nd amendment right for the dc residents. now shes a republican and the sen who opposed her is a democrat. now what i don't understand is the dem said that congress can't make laws for dc, yet he has done so in the past. then the cock sucker brings up lee harvey oswald and says if the law is repealed then people like him will have free raine.

well fuck him and the other 11 dems who wrote a petition against the repealing like diane fienstein.

now for all of you who don't live in california we have a realy shitty time with owning firearms. i can buy an m4 carbine in cali but it can only hold 10 rounds. who the fuck is sre diane fienstein and barbra boxter to tell me what i can and can't legaly own.

thats it i've taken all i can stands and i can't stands no more i'm gonna email her.

she can stick that in her pipe and smoke it!

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