Monday, November 10, 2008

Rigid Raider Is A Star!

Wow, my husband has not ceased to amaze me. In the short time that he's been in this country he's managed to work doing some of the strangest things. His ultimate goal is to work as a police officer, after he's gone back to Iraq on some obscure Mercenary type detail of course… yah…Throw in some lottery winnings and it’s a party! Woot!!!
Should he happen to meet some stars in Hollywood here and there a long the way....well...that's okay too. He makes me laugh a lot, but one thing I've learned never to do is underestimate him. He's done a few high profile details, one for a government official and another for many government the Democratic Debate held here in Westwood. He's been on a few red carpet events where he's met a few stars and has even done a play or two. He's met so many stars, more than I ever have wanted to in my life and I was raised here, that I've lost count.
Earlier this year he lost those contracts. As the economy began to shrink so did the jobs that were previously available to him. It's been a difficult journey, one that might just get harder, but somehow we simply trudged on never stopping day after long day. He answered an ad on Craigs List monts ago and asked me what I thought.
I said, "Well, you're either about to get ass raped or you're going to an audition. Either way it doesn't bode well for you, we need money, we need it now and they’re not going to give it to you. I wouldn’t waste my time." In fact, I may have demanded he not waste his time, it’s in the blog archives somewhere. We needed money desperately and I know how these things work. You don’t get paid until they feel like paying you.
Rigid being Rigid went anyway figuring I had no idea what I was talking about. It was an audition of course. What was surprising was how much they liked him for the job. He filmed the episode and never spoke about the ordeal again. I pleaded, I prodded, I even threatened to female virtue *ahem* , but nothing worked. His lips were sealed and no one could break him.
Yesterday, as we learned to make tamales with my mother (with no jobs available to him we've resorted to the time honored tradition of illegal street vending.) Rigid informed me that he would have to stop helping us with the enormous task of building 200+ tamales because he had a show to watch. After having spent the previous 5 hrs in the kitchen I was pretty much ready to shove his head into the chilie con carne pot I had laboriously prepared for the filling. There I was bitching at him in front of my mother, who by the way told me to leave him be and let him do what he wanted because after all he’s just a man and what could you possibly expect, ready to plop his face full of chile sauce and masa when he said, “Oh, there we go. I’ll be on TV in 5 minutes.” As if he’s on television everyday. AND the ballsy fucker, as if I wasn’t actually intending on
“Stupid ASS! You mean that’s the show you’re coming out in and you JUST decided to tell me? GOD you’re retarded!” and we scampered off to the living room like schoolgirls. With all the food cooking in the kitchen and the amount of work we still had to do it was hard to sit and watch, but we waited until he finally appeared. He was just a body guard in the background doing what he always does, but it was HYSTERICAL!!! It’s a little hard to see him and the camera never focuses on him directly, but he’s definitely there. I laughed my ass off!
For what it’s worth, he may not have gotten paid for his appearance (it’s a long story), but we all got such a kick out of this. At least anyone that may have doubted his greatness back home can rest assured, Rigid Raider is shooting for the stars and the possibilities are endless.

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