Friday, November 07, 2008

what's the deal with the dow?

what we're doing is licking depression's butthole. i've surmised we've gone well past the bending over faze the day we saw the fanny go *poop*...i mean *poof*

but @mooomie, this is exactly the kind of thing i need to keep me grounded and hopefully one day not so "wet behind the ears" so to speak.

@tcagley, but you know, i think what i expected was, and let me tell you, i shared my thoughts with VASTLY superior brains to mine (i know people, let me tell you...again.) and they more than shared my view that at least in reference to the day AFTER the market could possibly (very big possibly maybe) see a nice big surge. and then of course the usual ho hum, the world is going to end, i'm a chicken with no head syndrome would yet again prevail until, well i was going to say january, but of course that would be silly. let's just say, until who the hell knows because such is life.

@brettbum, i promised i'd be asleep already, but clearly i'm not going anywhere. being that i'm ever so slightly sleep depraved i'm guessing you mean the dow went down partly based on the news that the UK dropped the interest rates? doubt. tons of news and pretty much any news could do that at this point. that's more than agreed.

i think, and i'm shaking my head and laughing at my own naiveté, for some dumb wide eyed girl kind of moment i thought (being that this was the choice of quite a number of people.) that for just one day THIS particular news would be a pretty big freakin' deal.

but of course if i stop to think about it for just one moment, sadly a habit i don't actually practice as you can see, this was all fairly historically predictable right? only in the sense that it doesn't matter who, what, why, where or when the new president gets elected, sworn in etc., because the economy will take however long it needs to recover over time as it always has.

the only thing our government can do is use every single tool and technique it has in it's arsenal to help it along. and if that doesn't work make up some new fangled technique for manipulating our economy to our nations benefit therefore and to wit, the benefit of the world; thereafter and henceforth creating a mightily interesting new chapter in the Series 66 that I may one day have to at the very least be aware of.

peh, i say.... peh!

HAHAHA! phew, i imagine that sentence up there is much akin to having a baby yak. ymfao!

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