Friday, November 07, 2008

zemanta: a new and innovative way to blog?

regarding a recent blogpost on mybloglog (i'm still debating whether i even like that site. lol)


zemanta is a great idea. absolutely fantastic, but downloading it isn't something i would do. i'd rather not give up my disk space for something i can very easily do myself through the various websites already available to me. the tags are great, but irrelevant and the pictures too limited.

if a site like flickr or other sites that picked up on more relevant information were used, the pic's and tags provided would be much richer and much more relevant to your post no matter the content and not matter how obscure the dialogue.

again, a fantastic idea and i'm sure a lot of people won't mind downloading it, but it's just one more program that i would never use.

search results should be more like the results on google images, flickr tags, even youtube. you should be able to crosspost to your preferred blog (probably on the downloadable version already right?), blogs or other social media sites.

the easy way to do that is to put a search box in the program that will allow you to pick and choose the words you want searched...that could be your automatic tagging system as well as the system that's in place so that the user could then pick and choose which tags to remove in case the programs tag results were too irrelevant...saving yourself (and me, the user) one huge step.

drag and drop features with placement editors are crucial. who would want to be limited to one picture? ("drag and drop your flick'd pic's into your blog!")

maybe i need to download the full version before i make myself look silly by jumping the gun on a demo version, but that's about all the time i have.

thanks for taking the time to tell us about the site though. i love checking out new ways to streamline my posting! :)


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what? i'm a little grumpy.

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