Friday, December 12, 2008

make navigating your friends list easier

i haven't visited my followers list in a while, but i just found something out. i don't know where anything is. no unfollow button... and i have to visit someone's profile if i want to block them. what if i don't want to block just ...unfollow?

there's something fishy going on around here.

and here's a suggestion. ever seen a picture slide on flickr? i think it would be wonderful to be able to navigate our followers/ing list, filter with tags, follow, unfollow or block the same way people navigate their pics on flickr.

don't know how feasible something like that would be, but i think it would be fun. oooh, and something else just occurred to me. i filter my list based on whatever tag occurs to me and press play. recent pic's, video, audio and text just play. sending a reply from the same window would be awesome.

the ability to embed that to your blog would be fun or just adding the link itself to your blog for easy access.

wow...that would be pretty darn cool. sometimes i wish i could develop stuff myself. i think that's going to be my next major task. if only i was just a tad bit more nerdy i could have learned this stuff a long time ago. :( ah well, live and learn.

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