Thursday, December 11, 2008

mari disappearing for a while

HAH! maybe this will inspire me to get off my blogs and start studying again. obviously we all cycle this way. too many email accounts, social networking accounts, blogs and shopping accounts.

the only reason i'm even on this thing is because i have no choice but to share my console with my husband. we only have one copy of call of duty: wow. i can't expect you to understand how gruesome that is... for the two of us.

i disconnected my cell phone too. i only call i'm kidding. but i don't need it right now. if i really feel the pinch i'll just run off and grab a $7 virgin mobil phone at 7-11. screw it.

i mean who am i kidding with all this "luxury". i don't want to "survive" anymore. i want to live. the only think i really need is the internet.

time to concentrate...i have people to shoot.

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