Tuesday, December 02, 2008

mari disappearing for a while

you'd only look like a man in drag if you used mac.... mac is for high end whores, drag queens and carnies (aka cirque de solei folk).

i just sparred with my ex-husband and nearly kicked his ass this weekend (he's a big guy). i also took a half (meaning half his strength) backhanded punch to the face and didn't budge and inch. took it like a champ and still have a bruise on my face. invisible of course, i'm an expert at cover-up. lol

at the highlight of my tomboyhood i took a header off a steep hill going downhill. actually, i made it down the hill and over what seemed like huge boulders at 20mph only to slam into a curve. i flew over my handlebars superman style with my bike tangled between my leggs, screeched to a stop on my chest and rolled my bike off of me throwing my buddies a thumbs up to signal that i was still conscious...bleeding profusely, but conscious. then i rode the rest of the way down with no brakes. :P

i'm a video gamer. i play some of the bloodiest games i can get my hands on (call of duty: world of war) and proceed to kick the living shit out of any guy that gets in my way WHILE putting makeup on if i feel like it. hahaha!

here's my point. lol i actually have one. i've never considered makeup as being "girly". it's your behavior that's girly. like, "oh, i can't ride down that mountain, i'll chip a nail!." or "not the face, you'll smear my eyeliner!"

you should try my favorite lip balm. it's the berts bees glossy lip balm in merlot. LOVE IT!!! just a tint on the lippies and a dab on the cheeks. no makeup required. it's minty. :) lmao! beat THAT dork queen!!!

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