Thursday, July 16, 2009

On The Hunt For The Perfect Suckling Piggy

My friend asked me to help him find a suckling pig. He's actually been asking me for the last month and I keep forgetting. My co-worker is a good friend and will do anything to help me so I intended on enlisting her for help.

She knows quite a lot of people in the restaurant business and she also happens to be Chinese. Now I'm confident that she'll be able to help me track one down, but I'm trying to look on my own since it's been so long AND I'm pretty sure they're chomping at the bit to roast that sucker during the hottest days of the year for a lovely Summertime BBQ.

Unfortunately I have to study and though I found a site that will deliver fresh suckling pig right to your doorstep I would much rather find a butcher that we can purchase from in Los Angeles. There has to be a business in town that will sell fresh piggy! I mean, who doesn't love Luau's? I've done so many Google searches that I've now wasted 30 mins of study time.

Of course, I waited so long to get to the search that it's really not a waste of time, but I really have to study so I'm going to have to leave this for now and hope that maybe someone can give me some ideas.


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