Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Zombie Killing On A Saturday Afternoon

Today, Rigid is trying out the Barrier glitch at the Doctor's Quarters with Retrozoon and Sympatheticmyas. He's still in there so...Wonderful.

I on the other hand get to sit here picking my nose playing on the internet pretending I'm working. My Xbox crapped out on me weeks ago and he hasn't bothered calling anyone to try to get it fixed. Said it's going to cost us money regardless of the fact that their fucking COD:WAW Map Pack 2 Download is what fucked up my god damned Xbox.

It wasn't long before that download started making my Xbox get all wonky. So many people were having the same problem, but it was my box that got fucked. I have the sinking suspicion that it's Rigid's fault. I blame him for everything, why not this too.

Asshole. I should ship him back to the UK along with 3 cats. Morrigan and Grendel stay with me. He can keep Salem, Artemis and Seren (Serendipity). They're his fault too.


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