Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer and Routines

i think there's a reason why it's called a break. everyone needs them. i don't have kids and though i'm sure it doesn't hurt to stick to a routine there's no reason why you couldn't simply get your kid up at the same time, plan his daytime activities at home (or day care) and get yourself out of the house as usual.

my friend has her kid in day camp and as soon as he's done with that he's going into rock day camp (or something like that.) where he'll learn to play an instrument in 2 weeks. apparently these kids are taught so fast and so well that they put on a show at the hard rock on their last day.

seriously? i think it's AWESOME...AWESOME and i'm super excited for them. if she invited me i would SO GO, but her schedule has to change accordingly and it's tough on her and i can't imagine it being any easier on her boy. maybe it's fun for all of them and i've no clue, but summertime is for enjoying the sun and having fun.

i don't know about you, but i never have fun learning anything...unless it's really cool. like, learning how to make finger puppets or decorate a cake or...play a new video game. lmao!

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